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Over the past decade we have had the honour of having a collection of our work featured in some of the world’s leading design publications:

Kazam Identity : Indigo ‘Silver’ Branding Award - 2022
Best App Design: Design Rush - 2021
Best Re-Designed Website: New Media Awards - 2013

Creative Boom: ‘Kazam’ Branding Project - 2021
Design Week: ‘Boke!’ Limited Edition Typeface - 2021
Print Magazine: ‘Boke!’ Limited Edition Typeface - 2021

Creative Boom: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021
FontsInUse: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021
Print Magazine: ‘Runof50’ Branding Project - 2021
Creative Boom: ‘Runof50’ Branding Project - 2021
Eye Magazine: Editorial Magazine ‘Outset’ - 2015
Form Fifty Five: Editorial Magazine ‘Outset’ - 2015
Design Week: ‘Hue Magazine’ Design - 2014
Eight48 Magazine: ‘Not in Collection’ Website - 2013



Limited Edition
Poster Series

1. The Humble Pixel
The start of any project always begins with one thing, ‘The Humble Pixel’. This self-initiated project consists of a limited edition, five part series which celebrates the starting place of any piece of design: The pixel.

Original prints available to purchase from info@skep.studio while stocks last.

2. The ‘Not In’ Collection
In recent years ‘not in’ has been an influential player in the design community, aiming to build community among creative professionals and celebrate unseen talent in it’s various editorial spaces.

Before it’s recent closure we were commissioned to handle the organisation’s rebrand, as well as create a limited edition 'Not In Collection' poster series. A key-based infographic representing the skill sets of 60 different creatives, broken into their mediums and rated by ability.