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Over the past decade we have had the honour of having a collection of our work featured in some of the world’s leading design publications:

Kazam Identity : Indigo ‘Silver’ Branding Award - 2022
Best App Design: Design Rush - 2021
Best Re-Designed Website: New Media Awards - 2013

Creative Boom: ‘Kazam’ Branding Project - 2021
Design Week: ‘Boke!’ Limited Edition Typeface - 2021
Print Magazine: ‘Boke!’ Limited Edition Typeface - 2021

Creative Boom: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021
FontsInUse: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021
Print Magazine: ‘Runof50’ Branding Project - 2021
Creative Boom: ‘Runof50’ Branding Project - 2021
Eye Magazine: Editorial Magazine ‘Outset’ - 2015
Form Fifty Five: Editorial Magazine ‘Outset’ - 2015
Design Week: ‘Hue Magazine’ Design - 2014
Eight48 Magazine: ‘Not in Collection’ Website - 2013



Penny Pensions

Meet ‘Penny’. A new company set to shake up the world of pensions. Amazingly they automatically find all your old misplaced pensions and then collate them into one place.

Penny set us the challenge of creating an identity that cut through the formal visual language common in the financial sector. Instead, we were to create a playful brand that set them apart from the pack.

Our approach was to deliver an informal identity that balanced the tricky tension of being ‘playful’ whilst maintaining the necessary ‘sturdiness’ of the pensions industry (after all, they are dealing with your life savings!) 

For the typography, we used a stunning typeface from Grilli type, GT Flexa. A typeface with plenty of personality and versatility, resulting in a forward-thinking logotype, full of character whilst feeling established and safe.

Along with the brand ‘look and feel,’ we created layouts for their brand new app and mobile site.

Our Role 
Branding, App & Mobile Site Design, Motion

Creative Boom: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021
FontsInUse: ‘Penny’ Branding - 2021